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This page is where I'll be putting any updates and corrections to the End to End Trail.  Please email me if you think you have anything that ought to be included here.

Day 11

I've been told the Royal Oak at Luxborough is under new management, and I've had one report of a disappointing lunch (Easter 2007). Maybe they were just unlucky - let me know if you have a similar experience.  On the positive side, there is now also a teashop in Luxborough, open 2-6 from Easter.

Day 20

The Bird on the Rock Tea Rooms at Abcott are now under new management, and have been renamed the Rocke Cottage Tea Rooms. The phone number and opening days are unchanged, and there is now a website as well: www.rockecottagetearoom.co.uk.

The best place for tourist information in Craven Arms is now the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre (GR435825) rather than the Paper Shop.  The centre is close to where you cross the footbridge over the river as you enter Craven Arms.

Day 20 Map 4, Page 185

The route described from the two gates by the road to Clapping Wicket isn't a right of way: the official footpath is actually on the other side of the hedge (left), partly along an old overgrown lane, rather than along the modern access track (right). When I researched and walked the route the official path was impossible to follow as there was no way out of the end of the first field (GR419811). Thanks to Dave Potter for the information that it is now possible to follow the official footpath.  I haven't yet been back to check for myself, so the following corrected description is from memory and checking against the OS map:

1.  Continue along the road past a right turn & then a crossroads. Shortly after this, opposite a farm access road, turn right to a stile (from memory) between two adjacent gates. Follow the overgrown lane until you emerge into the field on the left, then keep along the field edge to the corner at the top.  There should now be a way out of the field to enable you to continue in the same direction (NE) to emerge near Clapping Wicket cottage and rejoin the route described in the book.

Day 34

The shop / post office in Dufton has closed down, so you will have to carry food from Middleton unless you are going to rely on what the youth hostel and/or pub can provide.

Day 57L Map 1, page 384

My sincere apologies for the incorrect map on page 384.  Instead of Day 57L Map 1 (Lairg to Loch Beannach), the book repeats Day 57 Map 1 (Overscaig Bridge to Fiag Bridge). Here is the correct map: Day 57L Map 1. Many thanks to Frank Ellam for pointing out this mistake. If you'd rather have this page in a pdf file with the coloured background like the book, you can download it from the Cicerone website.

Youth hostel closures

As the book went to press at the end of 2006 the future of a number of youth hostels in England was in doubt.  The YHA had listed a number it was intending to close, but in some cases they have been reprieved, or may still be reprieved, by other people and organisations who appear to have more interest in keeping rural hostels open than the YHA seems to do.  Here's the latest information I've been able to find:

Elmscott (End to End Trail Day 8).  This hostel was sold by the YHA and closed, but it has now re-opened
as a franchised YHA hostel.   It's in a beautiful location: please stay there to help keep it open. Warning: getting there from Boscastle YH in a day via the coastal path is an extremely hard day for any but the superfit.

Quantock Hills, (Day 12)
Closed down during 2007 (and left out of the book).

Hay-on-Wye (Day 18).  A new hostel has opened in the middle of the town.

Langsett (Day 27)
.  Closed down during 2007 (and left out of the book).

Earby (Day 29).  This has been sold by the YHA to Pendle Council, and it will remain open as a franchised YHA hostel. A good place to stay.

Stainforth (Day 30).  
Closed down during 2007 (and left out of the book).

Keld (Day 32).  Unbelievably this has been closed and sold by the YHA.  It has been bought by one of the LDP baggage carrying companies, and has reopened as Keld Lodge - effectively a pub with accommodation: not the cheapest around, but at least there are some more beds back in Keld.

Baldersdale (Day 33) has effectively closed as a walkers' hostel.  You can only book it if you book the whole hostel, and then only at weekends and during school holidays.

Alston (Day 35) has been sold by the YHA but is remaining open as a franchised YHA hostel.

Greenhead (Day 36).  This old chapel was sold by the YHA to the local pub landlord. It is remaining open as a franchised YHA hostel.

Bellingham (Day 37) has closed. There's a bunkhouse at the Demesne Farm campsite in the village though, and places here can be booked through the YHA.

Byrness (Day 38).  This hostel has been sold by the YHA and renovated (which it certainly needed).  It is remaining open as a franchised YHA hostel.
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