Section 4

Not many changes here, as it’s mostly on the Pennine Way

Day 29 – Hebden Bridge to Thornton in Craven

  • Map 2:  Paragraph 2.  The first sentence is a bit misleading, and should read:  “After crossing the footbridge below Blake Dean follow the path for a few paces then turn right up steps & through a gate in a wall. Here you have a choice.”

Day 30 – Thornton in Craven to Horton in Ribblesdale

  • The Pen-y-ghent Cafe in Horton is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Day 33 – Keld to Middleton-in-Teesdale

  • There is no longer any accommodation in Baldersdale.  If you are following the slower schedule I would suggest overnight stops at Tan Hill and Middleton rather than Keld and Baldersdale.

Day 34 – Middleton-in-Teesdale to Dufton

  • The shop / post office in Dufton has closed down, so you will have to carry food from Middleton unless you are going to rely on what the youth hostel and/or pub can provide.

Day 37 – Greenhead to Bellingham

  • The youth hostel on Hadrian’s Wall that used to be called Once Brewed has been rebuilt and is now called Sill.  I’ve no idea why.

Day 38 – Bellingham to Byrness

  • There is no longer a cafe or a garage at Byrness.  You meet the road by the Byrness Hotel, and just down the road there is a bed and breakfast and the Forest View Inn, which has accommodation, a bunkhouse and a small camping area. The Byrness Hotel appears to be no longer operating full-time as an inn, but may still have accommodation available.  3km to the north of Byrness, deep in the forestry at GR768056, there is also a small but comfortable MBA bothy: Spithope.  If you want to stay there, ignore the bridleways shown on your OS map, and instead follow the A68 northwest for about 700m to where an untarred access road turns right.  Go straight along this until you see the bothy close by on your right, across the stream, then look out for the path to it.  To rejoin the Trail, return to the track & turn right up the valley.  Turn sharp left at a track junction (GR769069) then when the track bends left leave it, going straight on to cross the fence out of the forestry.  Turn right along the fence to meet the Pennine Way and turn left.
Inside Spithope Bothy

Day 39 – Byrness to Jedburgh

  • Map 1:  Paragraph 1.  The path behind Blackhall Hill (the original line of Dere St) has become indistinct and difficult to follow.  It is now better to take the left fork, crossing across the flank of Blackhall Hill and keeping right when the path becomes a bit vague in the later stages.  This is the other path marked on the map.
  • I can recommend Belters Bar in Jedburgh for good food.  It’s a good idea to book in advance if you can, as it’s a popular place.  There is no longer accommodation at Ancrum or Harrietsfield, so staying in Jedburgh is your best bet.
Tow Ford