These GPS files have been created from Memory Map, i.e. from tracing a map, not from walking the route.  They won’t be as accurate as GPS files taken from a device as I walked the route, but then they don’t include my detours to take photos, go shopping etc either.  They are for the main route in The End to End Trail 2nd edition (not yet published), plus the revised Fedden alternative on Day 50.  You need to be aware that there are some minor route changes in the new edition that aren’t mentioned in the route changes listed on this website.  There is a separate GPS file for each day (three for Day 50), and I have zipped them up into a single file for each of the six sections.

I haven’t tried to navigate with any of these GPS files myself, and nor has anyone else as far as I know.  If you try them out please let me know how you get on (andy at