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The new edition of the End to End Trail has gone through its main revision process, and the next stage is for Cicerone to get it typeset and send me the proofs. So my work on it is largely finished: it’ll mainly be spotting little mistakes and the odd update now. The old edition has sold out, but there will probably still be copies in some book shops, and there’s always the secondhand market. There are quite a lot of changes in the new edition, but the main changes you need to know if you have the old one are listed on this website.

I’ve had an email from Paul Hutchinson, who is currently walking End to End. He followed the Offa’s Dyke Castles Alternative route, and hit a problem because the route crosses the River Monnow on a footbridge that no longer exists. I’ve quickly put together what I hope is an alternative way to cross the river via a road bridge, and amended the route description (again, it’s on this website – see the top of the page). I’ve done this from maps: I haven’t been able to get down there to try it out yet.

The John o’ Groats Trail guide is coming along nicely, and we should be able to get that to Cicerone in the spring of next year (2020). I walked the section from Helmsdale to Wick in both directions last month, checking the route out for changes, and improving the guide. And taking photos…

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